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The Foreign Ministry's statement on parliamentary elections in Armenia

Created: 2021.06.21 / Updated: 2021.06.21 15:51

On 20 June, snap parliamentary elections were held in Armenia. We congratulate the citizens of Armenia, who have exercised their right to vote and actively participated in the parliamentary elections.

According to international observers, the elections were conducted in accordance with the country’s laws and in line with basic democratic standards. Their results reflect the democratically expressed political will of the Armenian people and raise no doubts. These elections were also very competitive with a record number of parties and alliances taking part in them.

The voter turnout (49.4 %) showed that, despite the difficult post-war situation, the people of Armenia care about their country’s democratic future. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania is ready to continue to cooperate with the Government of Armenia that will receive a new mandate.

We firmly believe that Armenia will continue along the path of reform, building a modern and democratic state in close cooperation with the European Union and its member states. In its turn, Lithuania is ready to further strengthen its political and practical support for the democratic changes taking place in this country, thus contributing to the strengthening of Armenia, as well as the consolidation of unity and the well-being of its people.

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